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PDF Renderer

Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET

.NET framework component for high quality conversion of PDF documents to images.

DOCX BIRT Emitter for Microsoft Word

Arctorus DOCX BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into Mircosoft Word DOCX format

Odt BIRT Emitter for OO Writer

Arctorus ODT BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into OpenOffice Writer ODT format

Xls BIRT Emitter for MS Excel

Arctorus XLS BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into Mircosoft Excel XLS format

Ods BIRT Emitter for OO Calc

Arctorus ODS BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into OpenOffice Calc ODS format

Xlsx BIRT Emitter for MS Excel

Arctorus XLSX BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into Mircosoft Excel XLSX format

Csv BIRT Emitter

Arctorus CSV BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into text CSV format

Pptx BIRT Emitter for MS PowerPoint

Arctorus PPTX BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into Mircosoft PowerPoint PPTX format

Odp BIRT Emitter for OO Impress

Arctorus ODP BIRT Emitter

for exporting reports into OpenOffice Impress ODP format


Each individual emitter offers its own set of features and advantages. But all of them support complete RPTDESIGN specification. It means you can export your existing reports without worrying to redesign them. Also you do not need to use any specific RPTDESIGN report designer. The exported reports will look exactly similar the way you designed it.


Arctorus BIRT emitters are very light-weight components and consist of single JAR files, which you can easily download and deploy.

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Arctorus Documents for .NET

Arctorus Documents for .NET

.NET component for creating Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents

Arctorus Documents for Java

Arctorus Documents for Java

Java library for creating Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents

Our Featured Customers
Bayer Business Services
F.Hoffmann La Roche

My name is Nicholas and I am a Java Developer at a property tax software company based in Ontario, Canada.

We use Eclipse BIRT for our reporting needs and in an effort to meet industry demands we needed to find a BIRT Excel emitter that would export our reports into native Excel format in a presentable manner.

We evaluated a few different products to achieve this functionality and the Arctorus BIRT Excel Emitter 4.1.0 was found to be far superior to the others.

  • Two native formats were offered, xls and xlsx
  • Reports containing sub-reports were generated seamlessly
  • There was a one-to-one correspondence between the rows and columns in the design and those in the Excel output

In addition to offering a high quality product, we were given full support from the Arctorus team prior to product purchase. Their feedback was prompt, detailed and very helpful in addressing our needs. We are happy with the product and look forward to building further relations with Arctorus going forward.

I'm Denis Gasparin, technical manager and senior developer at Edistar srl. We develop solutions and services that integrate all the major medias like old phones, modern fancy mobile applications, social networks and many other.

We are using Arctorus BIRT XLS/XLSX/CSV Emitters to provide our customers with Excel reports very similar to the PDF/HTML produced by default BIRT rendering engine.

We are very happy and confident with Arctorus support. They developed new features and solved several issues we found during evaluation period and after the purchase.

December 28, 2014

Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET 1.4.0

What's New:

  • Fixed bug in the PDF object stream parser which could lead to an exception or infinite PDF file reading.
September 23, 2014

Arctorus XLSX,XLS,ODS,CSV BIRT Emitter 5.1.0 Released

What's New:

  • Fixed "Malformed pattern" exception when export numbers with pattern like "#,##0.00;(#,##0.00)".
  • Fixed style of cells under charts. Style of top row was duplicated many times.

Arctorus PPTX BIRT Emitter 3.4.5 Released

What's New:

  • Fixed size and type of exported pages/slides. Slides were exported with Custom size (and slightly wrong) instead of A4/Letter/etc.
May 26, 2014

Arctorus XLSX,XLS,ODS,CSV BIRT Emitter 5.0.0 Released

What's New:

  • Excel export engine updated to the latest version.
  • Delimiter can be specified for the CSV format. See EmitterConfig.KEY_CSV_DELIMITER parameter.

8 new export formats for BIRT Report Viewer and BIRT Runtime

  • Microsoft Office - DOCX, XLS, XLSX and PPTX formats
  • OpenOffice / LibreOffice - ODT, ODS and ODP formats
  • Text CSV (Comma Separated Values) format

Additional export options

  • Real WYSIWYG reports export
  • Excel "single sheet" export mode
  • Excel "sheet per page" export mode
  • Excel custom sheet names
  • Protect Excel Workbook with password
  • Protect Excel Sheets with password
  • Encrypt whole Excel Workbook
  • Live Excel Charts
  • Freeze Columns and/or Rows in Excel

Complete RptDesign Support

  • Text Blocks: Labels, Plain/HTML Text, Dynamic Text
  • Data Set Columns or Expressions
  • Images, Charts, Grids, Lists, Tables and CrossTabs and more...
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