Features - Arctorus BIRT Emitters

Arctorus BIRT Emitters (DOCX BIRT Emitter, XLSX BIRT Emitter, PPTX BIRT Emitter, ODT BIRT Emitter, ODS BIRT Emitter, ODP BIRT Emitter) add new rendering extensions in the Eclipse BIRT Reporting System and Report Viewer. Once you install them, you will get access to 8 additional export formats inside Report Viewer.

  1. XLS – Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheet (XLS BIRT Emitter)
  2. XLSX – Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 Spreadsheet (XLSX BIRT Emitter)
  3. PPTX – Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX BIRT Emitter)
  4. CSV – Text CSV (Comma Separated Values) (CSV BIRT Emitter)
  5. DOCX – Microsoft Word Document (DOCX BIRT Emitter)
  6. ODT – OpenOffice Writer Document (ODT BIRT Emitter)
  7. ODS – OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet (ODS BIRT Emitter)
  8. ODP – OpenOffice Impress Presentation (ODP BIRT Emitter)
New Features
  • Protect or Encrypt whole Excel Workbook or Sheets with password.
  • Export Live Excel Charts.
  • Freeze Columns and/or Rows in Excel.

Comparison of Arctorus BIRT Emitters with free Standard and Tribix Emitters

This article will show the differences between Arctorus Birt Emitters and Standard / Tribix Birt Emitters.

  FeaturesStandard BIRT EmittersTribix BIRT EmittersArctorus BIRT Emitters
Microsoft Office old binary formats
     - DOC NA NA NA
     - XLS NA
     - PPT NA NA
Microsoft Office latest OpenXML formats
     - DOCX NA NA
     - XLSX NA NA
     - PPTX NA NA
OpenOffice ODF formats - ODT, ODS, ODP NA
Text CSV - Comma Separated Values NA NA
Real WYSIWYG reports export NA
Export to Excel spreadsheet
     - Export of Images and Charts NA
     - Minimized number of rows and columns NA
     - Rows height calculation NA
Additional BIRT Runtime export options
     - Range of pages to export NA
     - Excel "single sheet" export mode
     - Excel "sheet per page" export mode NA
     - Excel custom sheet name pattern NA NA
     - Protect Excel Workbook with password NA NA
     - Protect Excel Sheets with password NA NA
     - Encrypt Excel Workbook NA NA
Arctorus BIRT Emitters don't use Microsoft Office or OpenOffice

To generate reports in above formats, Arctorus BIRT Emitters rely on their own core document processing component which can generate and manipulate these file formats without the need to install Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Thanks to their strong and optimized support for the underlying file formats, Arctorus BIRT Emitters generate reports that look identical to original reports. Please see the images below of a sample report generated by these emitters.

Figure 1: A report exported by "Arctorus DOCX BIRT Emitter" as Micorosft Word DOCX document.


Figure 2: A report exported by "Arctorus XLSX / XLS BIRT Emitter" as Microsoft Excel XLSX or XLS spreadsheet.


Figure 3: A report exported by "Arctorus PPTX BIRT Emitter" as Microsoft Powerpoint PPTX presentation.


Figure 4: A report exported by "Arctorus ODT BIRT Emitter" as OpenOffice Writer ODT document.


Figure 5: A report exported by "Arctorus ODS BIRT Emitter" as OpenOffice Calc ODS spreadsheet.


Figure 6: A report exported by "Arctorus ODP BIRT Emitter" as OpenOffice Impress ODP presentation.

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