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Arctorus XLSX,XLS,ODS,CSV BIRT Emitter 4.7.1 Released

Posted by Alexey Zhilin
Alexey Zhilin
Project Manager
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on Monday, 17 June 2013
in Arctorus BIRT Emitters

Dear Customers,


We have published new release of Arctorus XLSX/XLS/ODS/CSV BIRT Emitter 4.7.1.


What's New:

  • Fixed export to a single sheet.
  • Fixed exception when export images with height more than 409pt.
  • Reports export speed optimization. About 30-50% on our test reports.
  • AUTOFIT_ROW property is true by default now. If you have large tables without multi-line cells and custom fonts then turning this property off will also reduce report generation time.



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