Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET

Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET   v.1.4.0

.NET framework component for high quality conversion of PDF documents to images.




Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET is a .NET Framework component that lets you convert PDF documents into raster images. It relies on .NET Framework image codecs when save rasterized pages and as a result supports next image formats BMP, JPEG, EXIF, GIF, PNG, TIFF. With just tiny bit of code it's also possible to convert PDF Document into a multi-page TIFF image, print and display PDFs in any your Windows .NET project.

Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET is just single .NET assembly. It doesn't use any third-party .NET components and doesn't call any native Win32 API directly. It's based on 100% managed, multithreaded code which is safe to use in both client and server side applications.



Arctorus PDF Renderer for .NET has very simple object model and contains only 3 base classes: PdfDocument, PdfInfo, PdfPage. These classes can open any PDF Document (since version 1.1 Arctorus PDF Renderer can open also all types of password protected PDF Documents including documents created in the Adobe Acrobat X with AES-256 encryption algorithm), retrieve standard document properties such as Title, Author, Keywords, Creation Date, access every page by index, get size of every page and render PDF page with any scale factor.


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